Original Air Date July 15th 2020


Hello Everyone!

There is a lot of energy in this show...with myself and the music! God is good!

Seems like when I am low on fuel, he fills me up, No charge, it's free! 

Listen and be filled...


Brother Timothy

Original Air Date July 8th, 2020


It is a mystery to the world but not to those who believe. Why can we still find peace and contentment? Because we see with his eyes, not our own. We KNOW what to expect and how to deal with things when it looks impossible.

Listen and learn the secrets of a life lived for Jesus and not ourselves...it's the only life of light in a dark world.

Enjoy the program! 


Brother Timothy

Original Air Date June 24th 2020


Hello my friends! Brother Timothy wishing you peace and happiness in Jesus name.


May this show help and encourage you to be who he wants you to be, great music and some words for these strange days we are living in. Strange indeed, but we are at peace. Are you? Find out how to be at peace in all situations with Christ as your ROCK!


Love, Brother Timothy

Original Air Date June 17th, 2020


Wow! Show number 28, time fly's!

Enjoy some old school sounds with the music of "Timmy Thomas". Also a great song from "Mercy Me" and a LOT more!


Listen to my story of playing Chess on a toilet bowl!  Love you guys!


Brother Timothy

Original Air Date June 10th, 2020


God is so good...even in the terrible times we are living in. Do you need encouragement?

Listen to show # 27 for some words and some lyrics that will and can make a difference in your life!


Agape,  Brother Timothy