Original air date May 26th, 2021


Master KG from South Africa in this show also...The Soul Seekers! Great old school sound from them. Set back and turn off all the distractions and let the music and words "move" you. You want to be moved? Then ask Jesus to open your ears and really hear what's being said. It could be life changing.


Blessings, Brother Timothy



Original air date May 19th, 2021


Why are things so difficult some times? Had some bumps in my road of life as I'm sure you have also. I try (and have to) keep on going because he (Jesus) has given me a purpose in life...and I will live out that purpose whether it's easy or hard. I hope your faith sustains you as it has me all these years. 

I also hope the music and words come to you at just the right time.


Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date May 12th, 2021


70 weeks of programs! They are not all published here, but many are and I hope they are encouraging, uplifting, comforting and fun! That's the purpose of the show. SO...pick one and go! (Maybe this one?)

Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date May 5th, 2021


This show packs a punch! Love the cut from "War Room" you will hear. It will move you I promise. Praying for you always. May the music touch your heart when you listen. Thanks to everyone in Nassau for reaching out to me via social media! Love you all!

Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date April 28th, 2021


Grits kicks off the show! Take a listen to hear what I'm taking about!

Happy you are here and happy you can hear! Hear what God has in store for YOU!

Be blessed and thank you for listening.

Brother Timothy

Original air date April 21st, 2021


April showers, latter rain! Shammie from Johannesburg, South Africa sings "We Adore You"!  So beautiful, thank you Shammie for that song! Listen and share this show with a friend. Email us anytime at southsidemission@yahoo.com

Love to hear your commits and song request!


Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date April 14th 2021


Hello Everyone! Check out this show with myself and the music of Mary Mary, Rizon, and Mark Farner...the old lead singer from Grand Funk Railroad! Yes! The old rock band! God changes lives and see what Mark has to sing about. Enjoy the show!

Brother Timothy

Original air date April 7th, 2021


We keep on keeping on! Another show for my brothers and sisters in Africa and the Caribbean and YOU!

May you listen with a smile and a joy in your heart. God can do that for you, you know that...right!?


Stay blessed and living in "The Way".

-Brother Timothy

Original air date March 31st, 2021


If you are going through some hard times, as I am right now, may this show bring some hope and some encouragement to you in these strange days we are living.

Know you don't have to walk alone...he can calm the storms around us.


Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date March 24th, 2021


We continue to hear amazing stories from our listeners! Thank you Jesus!

It's amazing how much this show has touched my life and others, keep giving God the glory! 

Listen to find out what's happing around the world!

Brother Timothy

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