Original air date September 29th, 2021


On the air! Africa, Bahamas, St. Vincent...thank you all for listening! Not only in those countries but some 115 others! God is on the move in these last days. DO NOT be left behind! Get onboard and see where he takes you.


Hope the music and words encourage you to continue on my friend.


Blessings always, Brother Timothy

Original air date September 22nd, 2021


Time marches on...and we can't go back and change it. But we can be forgiven for our past failure's. Talk to God about it and see what happens!

I am off to Central America in a few days to see some sights and hand out a few Spanish audio bibles! Pray all goes well.


Enjoy the radio program!  Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date September 15th, 2021


Excited to have a trip to the country of Costa Rica planned! God still keeps this old beat up body going forward for his glory! It's nothing I do, it is all by his strength in me. You can experience that strength also! He's a good farther!


Hope you like this show, some good stuff, take a listen!


Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date September 8th, 2021


Hello everyone! We have a new station...TGz Africa Radio from Lagos, Nigeria!  

Thank you all my brothers and sisters in Nigeria...we are all family in Gods grace.


Keep fighting the good fight, don't give up. God has a purpose for your life! I hope these words and music help you realize that.


Blessings and my love to you always, Brother Timothy

Original air date September 1st, 2021


Abba Father help your children, teach us to love one another. Especially in this time we are living in. 

Give me strength to continue on and live my life for you Jesus. May the music speak to your heart.


Blessings, Brother Timothy

Original air date August 25th, 2021


Wow I don't know what's going on in the world but it just all seems WEIRD.


I do know I have one hope and one hope only in times like this...Jesus Christ. No matter what happens he keeps me and sustains me. In the world but not of the world. Thank you Lord!

Enjoy the show...


Brother Timothy

Original air date August 18th, 2021


God is so good, he continues to bless this little man with all my imperfections.

I pray the show is uplifting to what ever is happing in your life. Be blessed always as you walk the good walk!


Agape, Brother Timothy

Original air date August 11th, 2021


O.K. If i told you everything's going to be alright, you may not believe me but you can believe Him!  Whos "Him"? JESUS!!


Trust him. He will never leave you or forsake you and has more love then you can ever imagine! What a good father!!


Blessings and all my love, Bro. Timothy

Original air date August 4th, 2021


Hey the first show for August! Wow, time fly's, to fast sometimes.


One day our time will be up...one way or another. Jesus is making a way right now. Take the gift he offers while you can...please!


So many good songs in this episode, enjoy them all brothers and sisters, a gift from me to you.


Agape, Brother Timothy

Original air date July 28th, 2021


Show number 80! Eighty weeks of South Side Mission!

Man it seems like I'm always hurting myself! I still will give glory to God!

40 plus year dialysis survivor and two failed kidney transplants and still going strong!


If you are hurting...take a listen!


Hope you enjoy the songs and the words...be blessed!

Agape, Brother Timothy

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