Original air date January 13th, 2021

Friends, family, brothers and sisters! God is moving and I HAVE to keep moving with him! I am troubled and happy at the same time...troubled because I see people who still don't know they are a daughter or a son of the most high King of Kings! Happy because Jesus has given me another day of life to tell them and praise his name!

Listen and become a member of his family. He  loves you so much...come home!!

Brother Timothy

Original air date January 6th, 2021

Well...the first show of 2021!

I don't about you but after listening and doing this show, whew! I WAS BLESSED!

I'm pretty sure you will be too...take a listen and find out! May you be blessed beyond belief in this new year.

Agape, brother Timothy

Original air date December 30th, 2020


Into a new year...2021 is here!

I pray the new year brings you into a new relationship with Christ our Lord. Hoping you find this show special! It was special for me because I broadcast it on my birthday! Airing on Joyful FM Johannesburg and Gospel 107 Nassau, Bahamas!


Thank you for listening!   Brother Timothy

Original air date December 23rd, 2020

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Still dealing with this pandemic but we have hope in the darkness. This is to encourage and inspire. Music and words to uplift the spirit.

Listen closely and may 2021 bring you closer to the Abba Father!                        Thanks and Blessings!  Brother Timothy 

Original air date Dec. 16, 2020

Hello everyone! Nearing the Christmas holiday. I was thinking, if your a follower of Jesus or not, if you hang one bulb or light one light, it's celebrating the birth of Christ!!

Show # 48 features music by 5ive, Ledisi, Newsboys and even Tupac!

Be blessed. It's all about Jesus my friend.

Brother, Timothy

Original air date December 7th, 2020


Hello Everyone, Exciting news! Southside Mission is now also on Gospel 107 in Nassau, Bahamas!

God is so good. We live in strange days and troubling times, I pray this program will help you put your trust in the only thing that can bring true peace and joy...a relationship with the Abba Farther and the son, Jesus Christ.

Take a listen and make a joyful noise!

Joyful FM Johannesburg South Africa and Gospel 107 FM Nassau Bahamas.

Agape, Brother Timothy 

Original air date December 2nd, 2020


Great show with great music! From the "Lion of Judah" studios broadcasting on Joyful FM in Johannesburg South Africa! Forty six weeks of programs and God gives me the privilege and strength to continue with the show. What a great farther he is!

Listen, dance, and rejoice!

Brother Timothy

Original air date November 25, 2020


Hello Everyone, The world continues to moan and groan with all that is happening. Yet we see few turning to the one who answers all problems and concerns.

May there be a refreshment for your soul in the music and words...

Blessings,  Brother Timothy

Original air date November 11th, 2020


O.K. now the podcast is unlimited so you will see more as time goes on!

This episode is just for you! Don't skip...take a listen.

Be blessed and don't give up, our king is still on his throne!

Music and words to bless and give hope and joy...YES!

Agape, Brother Timothy and I still have hope.

Original air date November 4th, 2020

The world is a mess and God is ignored...the darkness cannot comprehend the LIGHT!

Listen to the real reason your here...to let your light shine!

Agape,  Brother Timothy

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